Wash & Fold Service:

Standard laundry

$1.75 per lb ($10 minimum)

Standard Wash & Dry Service (No Fold)

$1.25 per lb

Down Comforter


Comforters & Weighted Blankets




Mattress Pad


Pillows (All Sizes)

$5 each

Dog Bed (All Sizes)

$5 per lb

There may be additional charges for any heavily soiled item(s)

All other items, please call the store to ask about special pricing.

*pricing for the machines may differ depending on the settings chosen.

Laundry Extras:

For your convenience, the following items are sold for an additional cost to Washouse customers. Each item is prepackaged and measured for individual load use.

•Soap available for purchase
•Free and clear soap
•Strain removal

Dry Cleaning:

- The Washouse partners with a local dry cleaning service. Average return time for your dry-cleaned items is 4-5 business days.
- Dry Cleaners do not accept comforters, wedding dresses, leather or vinyl.

Self- Service

100lb machine

Range from $10.50 - $11.50

80lb machine

Range from $8 - $9

60lb machine

Range from $7 - $8

40lb machine

Range from $4.75 - $7

Single Loads

Range from $3 - $4

Dryers are brand new and will run from 4 min for 0.25 (so you can choose your time)