Services Provided

Standard laundry (Wash, Dry, & Fold)

$1.75 per lb ($10 minimum)

Standard Wash & Dry Service (No Fold)

$1.25 per lb

Blankets (All sizes)


Sleeping bags

$30 double / $20 single

Down Comforter (All sizes)


Comforters (All sizes)


Weighted Blankets (All sizes)


Quilts (All sizes)


Mattress Pad (All sizes)


Pillows (All Sizes)

$5 each

Dog Bed (All Sizes)

$2.00 per lb

Rugs (All Sizes)

$2.00 per lb

There may be additional charges for any heavily soiled item(s)

All other items, please call the store to ask about special pricing.